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We're here to say that we don't always find the right way to study and get things done. How many times have we pulled all-nighters to hand in that paper/project or crammed last minute for that important maths exam?

We thought so.

So... This is for you.

We post pro-tips (when time allows) and some motivational posts in between to keep you all going.

Don't hesitate about asking or submitting anything you'd like to see here!

Happy Studying!



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As I don’t want you guys to have a bad day as I was having, here are some useful links. Reblog and spread this love. please let me know if any of these are yours and you would rather want them out. I hope these help and that you have a wonderful day ☆・゚:* (◕ ‿ ◕❁) *・゚:☆

a bunch of online movies
my favorite mug cookie recipe
a nice post on how to get better, along with this one
sth to cure the 3am sadness (remember, no one feels great between 2am and 8am)
the thoughts room
build your own mind palace
cute animals doing their cute things!!
help beat world hunger while studying (wow ikr)
get a hug
alternatives to self-harm
blanket nests may help as well
a rather interesting (?) solution
lots loTS LOTS of links for when you are feeling sad

(more helpful masterposts here)

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My Spoonful of Glitter: For Teen Writers and Teens

Hello everyone!

Hope you’ve all been busy at work, studying, taking it easy, whatever it is you’ve been able to do now (for my part it’s been lazing around… a lot, because…Summer holidays~~!).

To all you writers and essay-strugglers alike, we would love to recommend DrGlitter’s study/writing-blog. It’s a growing blog with original content and helpful writing and study-tips!

What are you waiting for? Go and check out her blog!

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Summer desk set-up, think of it as a home-away-from-home-squared.

All set to review Mandarin learned my past semester!

Protip: Feel free to check out soundrown for the perfect studying ambience. Sometimes my task requires too much concentration, and I opt out of music and instead head to soundrown. 

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I feel like everyone needs to see this video :)

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10 Things to Consider when Making a Decision


1. What strategies have you used before – and which were the most helpful in making the right choice?
2. What is your gut instinct? What is your intuition?
3. Which of the options appeals to you the most?
4. Will you feel proud if you decide to take this step?
5. How will it affect the other…

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There are things that happen that make you stronger if you allow them to

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Just remember who you are. The world will try to change you into someone else. Don’t let them. That’s the best advice anyone can give you.

—Cinda Williams (via onlinecounsellingcollege)
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Ok so most of the time people don’t understand why i write almost everything and took notes all the time and love planners and agenda so i made a few drawing to explain this :


This is how people who don’t need planners seems to work. Things are organized in their head they don’t write that…

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52 Brilliant Ideas for Organising // Design*Sponge

Design*Sponge is definitely one of my favourite DIY/Home blogs out there, especially as all these 52 ideas are from their own blog!

Ooh I love the kitchen organisation section.. 

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10 DIY Ideas to Organise Your Desk // Everything Etsy

If you’re spending a lot of time at your desk, especially doing work or study, you need it to be clean and tidy. Being in a neat workspace can help boost concentration and help keep you less distracted. I know I just feel uneasy and out of place if everything around me is messy. So here are some great tips to get your desk organised.

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Build & Organise a Corner Shelving System // A Beautiful Mess

Shelving is necessary, and if not you clearly don’t have much/enough stuff. You collect things in your years of life, even if not purposely. Whether you have a bunch of books, tourist knick knacks or a boatload of rubber ducks, shelving can do no wrong.

But it’s a large piece of furniture, in comes the corner shelves and bam that once pesky corner that you never really knew what to put in it is now beautifully styled and neatly organised. I love how they left a large space and hung a picture in there. Lovely.  

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