Hello Tumblr!

We're here to say that we don't always find the right way to study and get things done. How many times have we pulled all-nighters to hand in that paper/project/crammed last minute for that important maths exam?

We thought so.

So... This is for you.

We post pro-tips when time allows - and some motivational posts in between to keep you all going.

Don't hesitate about asking or submitting anything you'd like to see here!

Happy Studying!

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The purpose of notes is to provide a concise and an organized flow of your thoughts. When done right, it’ll help you review important information a whole lot better. It’s easier to remember a flow or a pattern than a bunch of random disjointed pieces of information, so the way your notes are organized can help you remember for exams. :D

I used to take extremely neat and pretty notes. It was almost an obsessive-compulsive thing. Pretty things sort of made me want to study more (but I ended up not studying as much anyway because I just felt so accomplished after spending a good long while making pretty notes, I felt like I didn’t have to reread it as much). With no false sense of modesty, I have a pretty neat handwriting if I wrote with purpose (i.e. slowly). My mistake was spending too much time making my textbook outlines look pretty with neat penmanship and colorful formulas when I should’ve been organizing them for better recalling of information. That is a mistake that I would like to share with you, as I think you might learn something from it.

Now, I still write quickly but legibly. It took a while, but I found it less stressful when I stopped being too anal about the appearance of my notes. I found highlighting much easier than swapping between different colored pens. I sketch simplified diagrams when necessary, and I do my best to group similar information together.

I’m not saying that pretty and colorful notes are bad. In fact, if it helps you remember information better, go ahead and do it—but try not to spend too much time on making it pretty, and make sure it’s sustainable. Remember that you have plenty of other courses to study for, not just this one class you’re making notes for right now (and trust me, it gets pretty unmotivating and tiring after a while). Try not to over-decorate! Do not forget the purpose of note-taking! Your time is important, and taking notes is supposed to help you cut down study time in the long run (not add to it!).

I hope this helps some of you! :)

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